It is also called rainfall. Precipitation is the deposition of water from the atmosphere in form of rain, hail snow and sleet.

There are three types of rainfall

  • CONVECTIONAL RAINFALL is typical from equatorial areas. Mediterranean Europe and centers of the continents when temperatures are high. The sun heats the ground so warm air rises.  As warm air ascends, it cools until condensation point. Clouds are formed and precipitation is produced.

  • FRONTAL RAINFALL happens when warm air and cool air meet. The warm air mass rises over the cool air mass. Air cools and eater vapour condenses, then clouds form and precipitation occurs.

  • RELIEF RAINFALL happens when moist air rises over hills and mountains. Air is forced to rise to pass the peak so air cools and water vapor condenses forming clouds. Precipitation occurs in the hills, dry air descends. There is a rain shadow in the other slope since air is dry and little rain falls.

forms of precipitation


Convectional and Relife Rainfall G and T

Why does it rain

Convectional and Relief Rainfall Sheet – SEN

Rainfall SEN Extension

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