During the 3rd century BC, Romans and Carthaginians fought for conquering the Mediterranean coasts. Carthaginian general Hannibal conquered Saguntum, a Roman settlement in Valencia. This was the beginning of the Second Punic War (218 – 201 BC).Rome just wanted to finish Carthaginian influence but at the end they conquered the whole peninsula.

The main stages in the conquest were:

  • From 2018 to 197 BC, Romans conquered the Meditarranean coast as well as the Guadalquivir and Ebro valleys.

  • From 154 to 133 BC, Romans took the Meseta and had to fought the Lusitanians and the celtiberians. Numantia oppossed a great resistance and finally surrendered in 133BC after a long siege.

  • From 29 to 19 BC, Romans conquered the North of the Iberian Peninsula in the Cantabrian Wars. Vascones never were defeated and scaped to the romanization

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