The first kingdom formed in Spain was Tartessos. Its flourishing period was beteween the 8th and the 6th centuries B.C. However, we have little information about their rulers.

Resultado de imagen de tartessian civilization

Tartessos occupied Huelva and the Guadalquivir valley. Tartessians developed a wealthy economy based on agriculture, livestock and mining the abundant metals found in the area.  

Resultado de imagen de tartessian coins

Tartessians traded with the Phoenicians and the Greeks and in exchange for copper, tin and silver they got oil, jewelry and ivory. They were fine craftsmen. 

Winged Feline Tartessian, Spain, 700 - 575 B.C. This winged feline originally served as the front leg of a wooden chair or throne. Felines were popular in the art of many Mediterranean and Near Eastern cultures. Certain stylistic features of this...

Tartessians had developed their own writing system and we can see in the warrior stela of the Abóboda.

Resultado de imagen de tartessian writing

Tartessian art is very refined as we can see from the Treasure of Aliseda. It had a strong Phoenician influence and also they adopted Phoenician religious beliefs.

Resultado de imagen de tesoro de la alisedaCierva en bronce de Tartesos. 19x6,5x12 cm | Arte prehistorico, Imagenes de  tesoros, Culturas antiguas

Tartessian civilization dissappeared around 500 BC probably because Carthaginian domination.

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