Hispania adopted Roman lifestyle and culture and the process of acquiring such culture is known as romanization. The main elements taken from the Romans were:

  • Latin was the most common language in Hispania.

  • Roman religion spread in Hispania but it was replaced by Christianity from the 2nd century AD.

The famous roman temple of diana in merida, province of badajoz, extremadura, spain. Premium Photo

  • .Romans founded lots of cities.

Resultado de imagen de roman cities in spain

Resultado de imagen de roman cities in spain italica

  • All the cities were connected by roads.

  • Cities adopted Roman currency which made trade easier.

  • Roman legionaries intermingled with local people and stayed in Hispania after retiring so this had a very positive effect on spreading Roman culture.

Resultado de imagen de presa romana de proserpina

Romanization was very quick on the Mediterranean areas but it was much slower in inland Spain where Romans had more resistance to their occupation.  However, Hispania was one of the most romanized territories in the whole Empire.

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