Ancient Rome Rome ruled the Mediterranean coasts during a milenium. Roman Empire  decline began  around 200 AD. Rome was conquered in 476 AD by the ostrogoths.  

The fall of Rome was a gradual process and there were several reason why the Roman Empire began to collapse:

  •  Roman Emperors and generals were corrupt and involved in many civil wars.

  • The Empire was attacked by barbarian tribes such as the Visigoths, Franks or Vandals and the Roman Empire was not strong enough to resist the invasions.

  • The Empire was so extense that it was very difficult to govern and defend. Diocletian divided the Empire into the Easter Roman Empire and the Western Roman Empire but still was reunited.

  • In 395 AD both parts separated definetely when Emperor Theodosius divided the Empire between his two sons. Then we had the Western Empire ruled by Rome and the Easter Empire ruled by Constantinople.

The Eastern Roman Empire was known  as the Byzantium Empire and remained in power for another 1000 years while  City of Rome was sacked . The visigoths invaded Rome in 410 AD and the city fell in 476 AD when a Germanic general, Odoacer, deposed the last emperor Romulus Augustulus.

Since then Western Europe was conquered by Germanic peoples, Middle Ages start and new countries and kingdoms would develop.


fall of roman empire


questionnaire on falling of rome


Presentation 9 – The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire


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