Iberians lived in east and south of the Iberian Peninsula from the 8th century BC.

Iberians had their villages surrounded by walls. They formed tribes led by chieftains and their social organization was hierarchical and rigid.

Iberian economy was based on agriculture and livestock breeding. They cultivated vines and olive trees. Their livestock farming was based on bulls, sheep, oxen, donkeys and horses.   Iberians made iron tools and weapons as well as they were good at pottery and textiles.  They traded with colonizers (greeks and phoenicians) and inherited the use of money and weight system from them.

Iberians traded precious metals and had their own currency. Their society was very rigid. Warriors were the dominant group and below them as a middle group were artisans, merchants and soldiers. The lower groups were formed by farmers, miners, servants and slaves.

Iberian religion had cults for  fertility goddess and a warrior god. They believed in spirits.

They cremated  and buried the dead with funerary goods. 

They developed writing due to phoenician and Greek influence but it has not been deciphered.

Their main masterpieces were funerary constructions and different sculptures like the Dama of Elche and the Bicha de Bazalote.

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