Resultado de imagen de antarctica

Antarctica is the fourth largest continent on Earth. It is in the southern hemisphere and it is surrounded by the Southern Ocean which limits with the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. It is almost covered by a thick layer of ice. The Antarctica ice thickness is 2000 m.

The land occupied by Antarctica is mountainous with numerous volcanoes and it also contains high plateaus. The highest peak is located in Ellsworth Mountains and it is the Vinson Massif with an altitude of 4897 m.

Resultado de imagen de antarctica

Antarctica has an average altitude of 2600 which is considered the highest on Earth.

The coasts are not straight as they are broken into numerous bays, capes and gulfs. It is important the Antarctic Peninsula as well as the Cape Adare, the Cape Dart and the Cape Norway.

Wendell and Ross Seas are the largest seas in Antarctica.

Resultado de imagen de antarctica map


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